What is Web Hosting ?

Web Hosting – Domain Host on Hosting

In order to launch any website, app or blog on the Internet, you should first of all buy a place to put them. And, the place you buy is called web hosting. The place or hosting for your website where you buy is called the host of your website.

As I mentioned earlier, web hosting is a service by which we can launch any of our blogs or websites in the Internet world. When we buy hosting from any hosting provider, our web server is given some space or space.

That web server is a computer that is always connected to the Internet. And when we upload our video, file, image, media or text article through a blog or website to a web server, they are stored on the web server.

Your Web server/Hosting is always connected to the Internet, our website or blog can be accessed on the mobile or computer through the Internet. But, before we buy a domain name, we have to connect it to our web server.

Through the domain name connected to your web server, you can view the video, file, image or other content on your web server through any computer or mobile connected to the Internet. And this medium is called a website or blog. Because, on a website or blog you can see all the things that have been uploaded to the web server of that website.

So in the end, what is web hosting?

You may have understood by now. Hosting is a place that you must buy to keep your website or blog active online all the time.