.NET Conf: Focus on Microservices – broadcast starts tomorrow!


The .NET Conf team is super excited to bring you another “.NET Conf: Focus” event all about microservices tomorrow, Thursday the 30th!

We’ve got 15 sessions and a fantastic lineup of speakers that are industry experts working on designing and building microservice-based applications, tools and frameworks. As a bonus, we’re also offering a FREE, 6-hour, deep dive workshop the next day. Our studios crew, hosts, and all of our guests will be coming in remotely for our first ever completely online production and we couldn’t be more excited (and nervous :-)). Scott Hunter and David Fowler from the .NET team at Microsoft will kick off the day with some exciting demos you won’t want to miss.


Check out the agenda!

Ask questions live
Tune into focus.dotnetconf.net and ask your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #dotNETConf and our live studio hosts will relay them to the speakers during their sessions. Ask your tough questions to experts like Kelsey Hightower from Google and Brendan Burns from Microsoft. Learn best practices, practical advice, as well as patterns, tools, tips and tricks for successfully designing, building, deploying and running cloud native applications at scale with .NET.

What is “.NET Conf: Focus”?
“.NET Conf: Focus” is a series of smaller, live events that we deliver to you throughout the year that are focused on specific things you can do with .NET. Of course, we will still have our big .NET Conf event on November 10 for the .NET 5 launch and call for content opens Friday so check that out too.

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